Bond of Friendship

And which we continue now?

In the last three years we, the members of Kizuna in Berlin (NPO), visited five times the disaster region mainly in the Iwate prefecture for the voluntary works. By the last visit in April 2014 we had the impression that tasks, which we can master, are still present, but very few. That is a good indication for the fact that the reconstruction has progressed. We want to support the reconstruction however further. There is also the project of Tsubasa (wing). We want to continue the project, which took place for the first time in the last year, and to invite further pupils from the disaster region to Germany.

However the problems still exist around Fukushima. Because the atomic power plants of Fukushima Daiichi are not – against the messages of the Abe Shinzô government – by any means „under control “. Almost 150,000 humans live further under provisional conditions.

The government accomplishes the decontamination work in parts of the Fukushima prefecture and announces, the partial region is again habitable, but the radiation there is still higher than 1 mSv/y. Often children cannot at all play therefore outside.

We want to pursue locally with our partner, „NPO Tôno Magokoro Net “, following projects.

1) Establishment of a network for citizens‘ initiatives for the building of local power stations with renewable energies, so that the municipalities become independent from the large current suppliers, who operate atomic power plants. We will work with German companies of renewable energies.

2) Establishment of a network, which is to seize two groupings and mediate with one another: a) resettlement-willing from the Fukushima region; b) places in other parts of Japan, those suffer under population decrease and are not burdening by radiation.

3) Invitation of children from the Fukushima region to cure, so that they can spend a few weeks in healthy environment with healthy eating.

20th of August 2014

Dr. Hiroomi Fukuzawa

The Project –– Bond of Friendship

The events of March 11th – the great quake, the tsunami, the nuclear plant accident – did move us here in Germany. The leaks of radioactive material triggered panic reactions – foreigners were fleeing from Japan in great numbers, especially Germans, who have already experienced the Chernobyl-catastrophe of 1986 and since developed a strong anti-nuclear movement. However among the young Germans with whom we’ve spoken there is great interest in going to Japan to make an actual active contribution to the disaster relief operations.

For years now a tendency of mental withdrawal (uchimuki-shiko) is emerging among the Japanese youth: fewer and fewer Japanese want to go abroad and confront other cultures. According to the statistics of the Japanese Ministry for Education the number of Japanese studying abroad was 11% less than the year before that. Exchange study among schoolchildren saw a 25% decrease on the Japanese side as well. Against this tendency of voluntary isolation we want to make a small contribution by going to Japan with young people to do practical volunteer work in the disaster zones, with Japanese youth if possible. Apart from that we want to discuss energy policy and anti-nuclear movements in Germany and Japan with students and residents, in order to exchange thoughts and opinions about our global future. From 9.14. to 9.30. we, 16 member of Kizuna, did our contribution. „English Report„, there are also  German or Japanese Report“.

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